Tall Ships

Tall Ships are generally regarded as a large, traditionally rigged ship such as a Topsail Schooner, Brigatine, Brig, or Barque, and are reminiscent of a bygone era of shipping when global trading routes were governed by the winds.

Large group or event charters

Chartering a Tall Ship today offers you huge diversity and flexibility to achieve your sailing goals. Due to their large size and often commercial operating status, Tall Ships are an excellent choice for large group or event charters accommodating up to 50 or 60 guests whilst at sea and even more when docked.

Because most were built to sail around the world they make for excellent expedition vessels and because most were built 100 years ago and are powered by the wind, they are good for the planet too.

Today you can choose from a selection of Tall Ships from original classic Barques from the 1900’s to high end modern schooners with all the toys. We work with a number of Tall Ship owners around the world not featured on the website so if you can’t find it here then please send us a note with what you need and we’ll help you find it.

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