Classic Feadships

In the late 1940s the Dutch government stimulated the cooperation between companies to promote exports out of Holland. In 1950 The Shipyards of De Vries, Van Lent, Akerboom, together with naval architect De Voogt founded ‘FEADSHIP’. During the first board meeting of the new company they agreed to exhibit at the New York boat show taking 80 m2 of exhibition space.

Since then the Feadship brand has steadily grown to become a world leader in the global yacht industry. Feadship is now synonymous with superior and long lasting quality. We at admire the classic lines of the Feadships from the fifties, sixties and seventies. In our special section you will find famous classic Feadships, still in impeccable condition and ready to be chartered.

4 Classic Yachts Found