Classic Motor Yacht Charter

Our collection of exclusive luxury motoryachts are available for yacht charter throughout the world. All our luxury motoryachts have been carefully selected for their classic style, their authenticity, comfort and ambience. You will find famous classic Feadships and beautiful British legends from Camper & Nicholson.

Classic Feadships

In the late 1940s the Dutch government stimulated the cooperation between companies to promote exports out of Holland. In 1950 The Shipyards of De Vries, Van Lent, Akerboom, together with naval architect De Voogt founded ‘ FEADSHIP’. During the first board meeting of the new company they agreed to exhibit at the New York boat show taking 80 m2 of exhibition space.

Since then the Feadship brand has steadily grown to become a world leader in the global yacht industry. Feadship is now synonymous with superior and long lasting quality. We at admire the classic lines of the Feadships from the fifties, sixties and seventies. In our special section you will find famous classic Feadships, still in impeccable condition and ready to be chartered.

Expedition Vessels

We are classic yacht specialists. More than 50% of our motor yachts and sailing yachts can be chartered in the Western and Eastern Mediterreanean. However, our clients, though demanding luxurious and comfortable yachts, are increasingly challenged by unusual, adventurous destinations, such as expedition trips to Spitsbergen, the Norwegian West coast, the Baltic and Polar Bear watching in the Arctic. All Classic destinations!

In general the requirements for these charter yachts are different. Focus remains on comfort but the classic motor and sailing yachts to be chartered, need to be stronger , more seaworthy and the crew needs to be specialised and used to local circumstances and weather conditions.

We at have therefore decided to open a special section for expedition vessels. as we believe many of our clients in the future will show a trend of “resisting the usual” and ask for more adventurous charter holidays . Just click on the yachts and you will obtain detailed information on the yacht of your choice.

Classic British Yachts

It is testament to the designers and shipyards of such famous names as Camper & Nicholson, Yarrow, Thorneycroft that these yachts are around today. All have been lovingly restored by their present owners whilst fully respecting the authentic interior & exterior style of these classic yachts. Welcome to our web page featuring some of the best of Classic British yachts.

Modern Classics

Our modern classics page features yachts that have been built after the 1980s and whilst these are modern yachts they are featured here as they have classic lines & style. Some maybe traditionally built out of wood or follow famous classic designs of 1920s & 30s.