East Coast Canada – Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Humpback Whale Newfoundland Yacht Charter

Escape on a yacht to the vast wilderness on the East Coast of Canada. A region where the rugged coastline is matched only by the vast and wild terrain that awaits the adventurous on land. For those that are seeking a yacht charter a little more off the beaten track then sailing the East Coast of Canada could be the wild escape for you.

Generally a much less crowded yacht charter destination there is plenty to explore. At sea of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland you can expect to encounter everything from Icebergs and puffins, to big bays, huge inlets, and roaming Blue Whales. Whilst ashore you can expect to find Wild Moose, friendly towns full of charm, and the highest tides in the World in the Bay of Fundy. On your sailing itinerary be sure to include the UNESCO world heritage site of Unenburg Port, brimming with colour, the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, and Summer Festivals in Nova Scotia.