Norway – Fjords and Northern Lights

Yacht Charter Norwegian Fjords

Overlooking the spectacular Norwegian Fjords


Glaciers, fjords and the Northern lights. If you are looking for stunning natural beauty and dramatic landscapes then look no further than a yacht charter in Norway. For the best weather charter your yacht in the summer months between May and September. As a cruising destination, Norway has grown in popularity in recent years and has plenty to offer in terms of both culture and a sailing adventure that will connect you to mother nature at her most awe inspiring. Oslo is a rapidly growing European Capital with a truly cosmopolitan feel and fine dining in abundance. Enjoy three Michelin star dining and authentic independent eateries in abundance. 

Norway’s dramatic natural landscape is best explored by boat with the main cruising areas being the famous Norwegian Fjords to the west and Svalbard within the Arctic Circle to the North.  

Visiting the fjords is a breathtaking experience as you sail deeply into Norway’s mountainous interior. Gierangerfjord is a UNESCO world heritage site surrounded by imposing cliffs and dramatic waterfalls turning to a veil of mist before they reach the water thousands of feet below. Glide silently along the 17km long Nærøyfjord that towers 1200 metres above the icy cool waters below or take a photo at the edge of the famous Hardangerfjord if you dare. Take your tender ashore for world class hiking, cycling and breathtaking vistas. 

For those still thirsty for raw mother nature, a slightly more adventurous yacht charter will take you North to Svalbard which lies within the Arctic circle where polar bears outnumber people. Take a guide ashore for wildlife encounters, diverse ice filled landscapes & incredible natural beauty. Closer to the winter months wrap up warm on the deck of your classic yacht as the sun dips and watch the northern lights as they meander across the evening sky.