Modra Špilja Blue Cave Bisevo Croatia

Inside the Blue cave, Croatia


Book your yachting holiday to Croatia to unearth a bounty of tiny islands, wonderful unspoilt coastal hikes, secret caves and vibrant nightlife.

Croatia has become an increasingly popular yacht charter destination in recent years and boasts a plethora of wonderful anchorages for all tastes. The region’s popularity means some areas have become busier than others in the last few years but there are still plenty of secrets to discover.

For a quieter pace of life head north to the Island of Silba,  a walkers paradise where cars are banned and life hums along at a slow pace. Jump off your yacht and spend the morning on foot seeking out your perfect swimming and snorkelling spot.

For a more energetic pace ask your Captain to set course for Hvar, a thrumming nightlife epicenter boasting Ibiza style beach bars, bustling marina taverns and opulent parties.

For a mini adventure, anchor up and jump in your yachts tender to visit Modra Špilja, or the Blue Cave. Solely accessible by a small sea entrance, in late morning this ethereal cave offers an explosion of silver and cobalt as the bright morning sun pours around the limestone walls of the cave. If you are thinking about chartering a luxury yacht in Croatia, then get in touch and we will be glad to help you plan the sailing holiday of a lifetime. 

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